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Experienced networking professionals have a need for speed.  With ever increasing demands on networks for data, online activities, transaction processing, media, and divergent/redundant routing, access to optical networks is critical.  GlobalVision can help!  We consistently deliver fiber capabilities with more value than large carriers while equalling or bettering QOS.

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GlobalVision Fiber offers fiber optic connectivity in Greenville, SC and across the continental United States.   We provide fiber to your business or organization via an ethernet port at speeds of 10Mb, 100Mb, and Gigabit speeds.  We may use either Metro-E, leased fiber, SONET or another topology to deliver our fiber solution to your premisis.

Fiber has significant advantages.  It is symetrical, and the ethernet loop is less expensive, as is the equipment used to connect to the backbone.

Connecting fiber with rates from 10Mb to 1Gb only requires a 100Mb or Gigabit ethernet interface, which almost every router has.

GlobalVision Fiber is perfect to deliver high speed internet to your location, or to combine several locations into a single managed network with ultra fast speeds.  Using GlobalVision Fiber makes sense for disaster recovery or redundancy network systems.  Use the GlobalVision Fiber to backhaul to our data center for hosting, color or backup, or to a location or your choice.

If your organization is looking to move from a communcations standpoint, GlobalVision Fiber can help.  Costs vary, but range between $795 and $1895 per month.   These prices are very attractive when compared to current to T1 pricing which is usually around $350-$450 for only 1.5Mbps!   When compared to cable offers, fiber wins hands down in the speed AND, more importantly, the reliability department.

Every situation is different, and availability may vary dependingon location, and how close existing fiber plant is to your location.  There may be installation costs or work required.  But, you don't know unless you call us.  Call us today at 877-386-2576 or email us at

About GlobalVision Fiber

GlobalVision Fiber is a part of GlobalVision, a Greenville, SC provider of advanced communications, computing, data center and consulting service.  As the upstate SC areas oldest independent provider of services, GlobalVision clients range in size from home businesses to Fortune 50 clients.  Contact us today to learn more about GlobalVision!